Elevate Your Menu with Agua Blanca Shrimp

Discover the difference between Agua Blanca Shrimp and traditional shrimp sources (farmed and wild-caught). Our Shrimpbox technology redefines shrimp farming, delivering superior flavor.

Innovative Farming, Exceptional Flavor

Our pioneering biofloc system creates a natural and balanced ecosystem, mirroring the ocean's processes. This not only enhances the shrimp's growth but also enriches their diet naturally, contributing to their sweet taste and firm texture.

Crafted for Culinary Excellence

Premium Quality: Experience the superior taste and texture that make our shrimp a standout choice.

Pure and Fresh: Harvested just a day before delivery, our shrimp promise peak freshness without the need for preservatives or freezing.

Sustainably Farmed: With no antibiotics and a zero-water exchange operation, our practices are as good for the planet as they are for your palate.

Why it Matters?

We're not just farming shrimp; we're setting a new standard for sustainability. By choosing Agua Blanca, you're supporting eco-friendly practices that protect our oceans and promote biodiversity.

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Join us in leading the sustainable aquaculture movement.