Fresh Flavor in Every Dish

At Agua Blanca, we prioritize fresh, high-quality ingredients for your restaurant. Our shrimp adds exceptional value. Find out why

Our Commitment to Freshness

Why is so fresh:

  • Unparalleled Freshness 🌊

Our shrimp are sustainably cultivated in a controlled environment, ensuring they are always fresh and delicious for your dishes. Freshness is our top priority

  • Never Frozen, Always Fresh 🦐

Unlike the rest of the shrimp available in the market, Agua Blanca delivers them to you fresh, just a few hours after being harvested in Indianapolis. This local production ensures their high quality and flavor while minimizing the time between harvest and delivery.

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    The first sep is to get in touch. Let's discuss how we can work together to boost your restaurant!

  • Receive Our Products

    We provide you with our high-quality products. You decide how many you need and how to present them to your customers

  • Marketing and Promotion

    Our team will offer marketing and promotion support, while supporting your commitment to environmental sustainability.

  • Flexible Credit for Culinary Excellence

    Discover our tailored credit solutions designed to match your restaurant's volume. Enjoy the flexibility you need for a seamless culinary experience.

Free Sample for Your Restaurant!

Calling all restaurant owners and chefs! Get a taste of our mouthwatering shrimp with a free sample. Discover the fresh and sustainable difference!

Tailored Assistance

We understand that every restaurant is unique. We offer personalized assistance and resources to effectively integrate our fresh shrimp into your menu. We're here to assist you at every step

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Our team is committed to your success. Here's how we assist you with marketing and promotion:

Organic Social Media Promotion 📱:

We'll showcase your products on our social media platforms, increasing your brand's visibility organically.

Tailored Advertising Campaigns 🎯:

Our experts will design targeted advertising campaigns specifically for your store.

Collaborative Social Media Campaigns 🤝:

Join forces with us in shared social media campaigns to maximize your reach and engagement.

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How can I source your fresh shrimp for my restaurant?

You can source our fresh shrimp by reaching out to us directly through our website or contacting one of our authorized distributors. We'll help you set up a regular supply based on your restaurant's needs

What makes your shrimp different from others on the market?

Our shrimp stands out because it's never frozen, sustainably farmed, and raised using innovative technology. It boasts superior taste and texture and is produced without antibiotics or preservatives.

Can you provide different shrimp sizes for various dishes on our menu?

Absolutely! We offer various shrimp sizes to cater to your specific culinary requirements. Whether you need smaller shrimp for salads or larger ones for main courses, we have you covered.

Do you offer any promotional deals or discounts for restaurants?

Yes, we have special deals and discounts for restaurant partners. These promotions can help you save on costs while offering the finest shrimp to your customers.

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Agua Blanca Shrimp is your ultimate partner in delivering unparalleled freshness to your customers. Give us a call today to explore tailored solutions that ensure your access to the freshest shrimp in the USA. Contact us now, and together, we'll create your fresh shrimp plan.

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