In a world where choices matter, Agua Blanca is changing the tide on shrimp farming. We blend smart tech with a blue heart to bring you shrimp that's good for the plate and the planet. Every choice you make can ripple out to a wave of change. Let's make it count.

Agua Blanca VS Traditional Farming

  • Efficiency Reimagined

    Agua Blanca is revolutionizing shrimp farming: our Shrimpbox technology yields 75 tons per hectare, making us 1,800% more efficient than traditional farms. We use just 150 square meters to produce what others need 2,500 square meters for—a 94% reduction in land use

  • Water Wisdom

    Traditional farms use 60,000 liters of water per kg of shrimp, polluted with chemicals and antibiotics that they discharge daily to the ocean- harming it. Agua Blanca cuts this to 1,000 liters per kg, 98% less, without the harmful discharge, safeguarding marine life.

Agua Blanca VS Wild Catch

  • The Problem with Wild Catch

    Shrimp live at the sea bottom, and to catch them, wild fisheries drag large nets from the ocean floor to the surface, capturing not just shrimp but also their marine neighbors like turtles, eels, and seahorses. This method, known as bottom trawling, causes as much CO2 emissions as the aviation industry and destroys vast seabed areas that take years to recover.

  • Agua Blanca: Sustainable Choice

    Our urban farms near consumers ensure fresh, sustainably farmed shrimp without harming the ocean. By choosing Agua Blanca, you're not just getting quality shrimp; you're also supporting a healthier planet.



    We develop Biotechnology that allows us to produce shrimp without water exchange, without antibiotics, and without abusive labor practices.

    Shrimpbox mimics an ideal breeding environment and manages the complexity of the microbial community


    We desing propietery software that makes remote management of our production units possible, without the need for specialized personnel in the field.

    All relevant workflows are mapped to deal with data complexity. This also enables consistency and makes it easy to train and perform farming tasks and operations.

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