The freshest and most delicious shrimp that charmed top chefs is now available for customers in Indianapolis! Our locally-produced shrimp is sustainably and ethically sourced, ensuring you get a real farm-to-fork experience.

Why Choose Agua Blanca Shrimp?

Agua Blanca Shrimp offers premium quality shrimp that has never been frozen, is always delivered fresh, and is sustainably produced using automated ShrimpboxTM farms.

Our shrimp is carefully monitored for quality, health, and sustainability, ensuring you get the best possible product. We don’t use any antibiotics or chemicals in any part of the process.

Unlike other types of shrimp, which can have a stronger, briny flavor, Agua Blanca Shrimp boasts a milder profile that makes it perfect for dishes that showcase its natural taste and texture. We offer a real farm-to-fork experience that you can’t find anywhere else.

Problems of Shrimp

Did you know that most of the shrimp available in the market today are either farmed or caught using unsustainable practices? These methods can harm the environment and put the health of both the shrimp and consumers at risk. At Agua Blanca Shrimp, we use sustainable and ethical practices to produce premium quality shrimp that you can enjoy without any worries.

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Indianapolis Farm Tours

Are you interested in seeing our sustainable and ethical practices firsthand? Join us for a farm tour on selected dates! You’ll get a chance to see our Shrimpbox farms in action and learn about the techniques we use to produce the best quality shrimp.

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Sustainably grown, fresh shrimp for everyone that prioritizes quality and eco-friendliness.


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