What is agua blanca?
- The ocean’s embassy on land -

Basically, in order to recover the seas they need to be left in peace


We farm shrimp following nature's rules, but without disturbing it.
We keep everything in balance.
Each one of our ponds is it's own ecosystem.
A community of algae, bacteria and fungi keep the water healthy for the shrimp to develop; like farming shrimp in kombucha.
With this method we have managed to eliminate 4 key destructive elements from aquaculture:

More than just our own work, we aim to grow an entire industry that is a force for positive change.

An industry that doesn’t affect the seas, and may even improve our world.

This is only the technical side though and Agua Blanca aims higher than these basics.

As our farms are based in coastal Oaxaca communities,
every advance we make as a business further advances
these communities social and economic inclusion in their own future.

Our shrimp enables organic tomato farming

We share our technology with Universities and producers in Mexico and Guatemala